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    Vision: "Unite with strength of different professionals and countries to be world's most trusted institute of pelvic floor research, rehab and education."
    Mission: "To step outside the box to uplift lives"

    Innovate and Improve...

    Lives of millions of people all over the globe who silently suffer from pelvic floor dysfunctions.

    Standard of research, rehab, education and professional conduct for physical therapists / rehab specialists.

    Lives of physical therapists and rehab specialists through incredible business opportunities and financial success.


    IIPRE "International Institute of pelvic floor research, rehab and education". IIPRE is designed for physical therapy, medical and paramedical professionals to reinvent the world of pelvic floor rehabilitation

    Millions of women, men and children all over the world silently suffer from different types of pelvic floor dysfunctions. There is huge demand for pelvic floor rehab specialists all over the world. IIPRE will empower the IIPRE certified professionals to be "Game Changers" in the world of rehabilitation by mastering rehab beyond basics (Uro-gential / Ano-rectal rehab)

    Most of the rehab specialists are completely unaware of their own potential to get super-specialisation in the world of rehab.Majority of rehab specialists are just busy practicing basic therapy like ortho, neuro, paediatric, cardiac and women's health rehab. Unfortunately, most of the people who practice women's health are also limited to external exercises. Trans-vaginal and trans rectal evaluation and rehab is extremely result oriented..

    IIPRE is created to benefit millions of people and empower practices of health care providers like physical therapists, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists and other medical and paramedical professionals like doctors of osteopathic medicine,DO; Doctor of chiropractic, DC; Nurse Midwifes; Nurse practitioners ARNP; physical therapy and occupational therapy assistants, doctors of medicine MD; registered nurses RN; physician assistants, PA.



    • IIPRE is designed to provide a complete overview of the clinical assessment and management of pelvic floor dysfunctions. IIPRE will also train you with needful details about the functional anatomy, causes of pelvic floor dysfunctions, associated pathologies, types of pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions, (hypertonus, hypotonus, in coordination types of pelvic floor dysfunctions) and sexual dysfunctions in female along with different pelvic floor dysfunctions in male and paediatric populations.
    • The courses and workshops of IIPRE are designed to teach different efficient techniques of pelvic floor evaluation methodologies and treatment options for pelvic floor muscles conditions.
    • You will learn the unique role of pelvic floor rehab specialists for conditions like stress urinary incontinence, urge urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual dysfunctions, pelvic pain, muscles spasms in female
    • IIPRE will also train you for pelvic floor rehab for conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations, post voidal dribbling, prostatitis, post-prostatectomy rehab and pelvic pain in male, along with enuresis and encporesis like conditions in children.
    • IIPRE workshops will also teach you details about multiple types of biofeedback techniques, different modalities, evaluation techniques, rehab protocols and other treatment options along with different types of rehab devices or pelvic floor muscle exercisers.
    • IIPRE workshops will also train you with trans-vaginal / trans-rectal evaluation, diagnosis and treatments for PFR.
    • IIPRE courses are designed to simplify the complexity of pelvic floor muscles which will provide interested certified professionals with scientific and clinical fundamentals of pelvic floor rehabilitation. Please refer to the page of "What will you learn" of PFR SPECIALIST workshop for more details


    • Most of the physical therapists and rehab professionals practice in overly saturated market. IIPRE will add new heights to your success. Along with clinical part, You will also learn about principles, strategies and techniques for business enhancement and financial success.
    • ROI : Return on Investment
    • Generally, there is a huge difference in income margin between general doctor and super-specialists like cardiac surgeon. However, is there much income difference between a BPT and MPT or even doctorate ? as a physical therapist, you invest too much time, efforts, energy and money. However, the ROI for most of rehab specialists is very poor. Why ? It's because most of the rehab professionals limit their practice to ortho-sports, cardiac, paediatric or pre-post natal rehab. It is very respectable rehab areas. However, it can lead to oversaturation of market space. Instead of limiting your expertise, you can also add super speciality skills of perineal / pelvic floor rehab where millions of patients are suffering and huge business opportunity is waiting for you.
    • You will also learn strategies to gain highest return on lowest possible investment.
    • If you are a physical therapist or health care provider practicing in US, you will also learn about CPT and ICD codes related to pelvic floor physical therapy. IIPRE will also train you for effective documentation techniques of skilled interventions.


        • P.R.U.FRANCHISE


        • Physiotherapists with excellent communication and marketing skills
        • Lead and manage multiple physical therapists
        • Unique business opportunity
        • Create passive income
        • Earn in lacs
        • Limited slots only
        • Bridge the gap between physio and gyn

        We are not looking for the people who are qualified as pelvic floor practitioners, but who are willing to learn with us to get affiliated with IIPRE to be qualified.

        • Want  to learn
        •  Want  to grow
        •  Want  to take risks
        •  Want to have their own business with
        •  Want to practice superspeciality
        •  Want to be really successful.


        • Freedom, Flexibility & Independence with great support, training and technology.
        • Independent business owner with reputed  affiliation
        • Dream of having your own business without big investment or risk.
        • Opportunity to great financial success
        • Opportunity find purpose in life and to take pride and satisfaction from providing unique help to silent sufferings of  millions of lives.

          Research / Submission

            • IIPRE affiliated professionals, colleges, educational institutes or private businesses who are involved with research and rehab for pelvic-floor muscles, IIPRE would love to invite you to send your research to IIPRE.
            • Health care professionals and clinicians practicing pelvic floor specialists may also send case study to IIPRE.
            • IIPRE will look into details. IIPRE may also choose to display your research or interesting case study on website OR e-mail it to all other IIPRE affiliated centres or providers, which will generate unique reputation for you and reward the world with advancement of pelvic floor related research, rehab, awareness and education.

              HPP (HET Provider’s Protection) Guidelines :

                Only Female physical therapists will be certified  for trans-vaginal / trans-rectal evaluation, diagnosis and treatment only for female patients.

                Only Male physical therapists will be certified for trans-rectal evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for only male patients.

                  PFR (Pelvic Floor Rehab) CERTIFICATIONs

                        Level 1- NON-INVASIVE PRACTITIONER  

                        Level 2- INVASIVE PRACTITIONER  

                        Level 3- INVASIVE SPECIALISTS

                     (Trans vaginal / Trans rectal : workshop only : advanced clinical & business skills)

                        Doctors Workshop : INVASIVE SPECIALIST

                        Male Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist


                        For whom?
                        •    You don’t have to be degree holder or physical therapist.
                        •    Physical therapists students,  physical therapy assistants & practitioners
                        •    Medical and para-medical students and professionals

                        Gender Specification:
                        •    This course is open to female health care professionals.

                        What you will learn ?
                        Introduction to.... of
                        •    PFM. – pelvic floor muscles.
                        •    Functional anatomy PFM.
                        •    Causes for pelvic floor dysfunctions.
                        •    Different types of pelvic floor dysfunction in male, female and paediatric patients
                        •    Common pathologies related to PFD.
                        •    HET MMT for PFM
                        •    HET assessment and treatment scales.
                        •    Non-invasive assessment methods for PFD
                        •    Non-invasive treatment methods for PFD
                        •    Therapeutic exercises and rehab protocol for hypertonus PFD
                        •    Therapeutic exercise and rehab protocol for hypotonus PFD
                        •    Therapeutic exercise and rehab protocol for incoordination PFD
                        •    Basics about modalities used to treat hypertonus, hypotonus and coordination types of PFD

                        How to prepare for this course ?
                        -    View online free video tutorials
                        -    Read IIPRE recommended books.

                        I want to be IIPRE certified “ PFR –SPECIALIST” Why do I need to take this course first ?
                        •    This course work is s prerequisite for advance courses.
                        •    Its designed to be very easy and simple.
                        •    This introductory course will help you prepare.
                        •    PFR – SPECIALIST is the ultimate certification.  The workshop is so intense that you will not be able to digest the information unless you know some of the basics of non-invasive approach.

                        What are non-clinical benefits of this course ?
                        •    You will get certificate of affiliation from IIPRE for 1 year with option to renew.
                        •    You will be able to learn to basic PFR devices.
                        •    You will be able to  apply for job in pelvic floor industry to get more exposure.

                        Why this course is so much affordable ?
                        -    There is huge demand for pelvic floor rehab specialists all over the world, As Millions of women, men and children, silently suffers from different types of pelvic floor dysfunctions.
                        -     Majority of rehab specialists are just busy practicing basic physical therapy like ortho,  neuro, paediatric, cardiac and women’s health rehab. Lack of exposure is the main reason, rehab specialist can’t step outside the box.
                        -    For that reason, video tutorials are completely FREE and premium courses are offered at non-premium price so maximum number of  medical – paramedical students and professionals can be benefited


                          Level 2- INVASIVE PRACTITIONER

                            For whom?
                            •    Physical therapists, medical and paramedical professionals.
                            •    Degree holders only
                            •    All medical and para-medical professionals : Health care providers like physical therapists, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists and other medical and paramedical professionals like doctors of osteopathic medicine,DO; Doctor of chiropractic, DC; Nurse Midwifes; Nurse practitioners ARNP;  physical therapy and occupational therapy assistants, doctors of medicine MD; registered nurses RN; physician assistants, PA.

                            What you will learn ? WOW !
                            CLINICAL LEARNING
                            •    Advanced applicable details about PFM functions, dysfunctions and related pathologies.
                            •    Invasive trans-vaginal and trans-rectal pelvic floor muscles evaluation diagnosis and Rehab.
                            •    HIPPA law, confidentiality and informed consent protocols : American guidelines and international standards
                            •    HPPG guidelines
                            •    Role of chaperone and providers protection
                            •    APTA guidelines of documentation (for American physical therapists. physical therapy assistants,  and health care professionals only)
                            •    International standards of professional conduct, ethical and legal guidelines  specific for pelvic floor rehab
                            •    Perineal Observation techniques
                            •    Perineal palpation techniques
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal palpation techniques
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal MMT – Manual muscle testing and different school of thoughts
                            •    Trans-vaginal MMT differentiation methods between right side and left side; and superficial muscles vs deep muscles; documentation strategies
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal EMG – electromyography
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal Electrical stimulation
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal pelvic floor rehab devices.
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal Wise- Anderson techniques
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal Thieles technique
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal application of Glazzers Protocol on rehab devices
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal sweet-spot – trigger points release
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal soft tissue release – myofascial release
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal PNF techniques
                            •    Perineal non-invasive rehab devices and protocols
                            •    Trans-vaginal resistance training
                            •    Efficient use of modalities like PF360 vulvar ultrasound, IFT, vulvar cryotherapy, vaginal dilator and many more
                            •    Case studies for different types of PFD
                            •    Trans-vaginal / trans rectal – invasive and non invasive HET’s assessment and treatment protocols
                            •    FSD – Introduction to Female sexual dysfunction assessment and pelvic floor rehab for female.
                            •    Rehab approach for conditions like erectile dysfunctions, UI, premature ejaculations and post prostatectomy rehab protocols for male


                              Level 3- INVASIVE SPECIALIS

                                -    Only open for limited slots.
                                -    Only for selected therapists.
                                -    Limited time fellow-ship program.
                                -    Hands on learning.
                                -    Much more, please contact to see if you are eligible.

                                       What are non-clinical benefits of this course ?
                                •    You will be able to learn business strategies to start your own pelvic floor rehab practice with minimal investment.
                                •    You will learn different  business skills to start or expand your practice to new dimensions.
                                •    You will learn strategies to make extra millions while taking care of silent suffering of your patients.
                                •    You will be able to apply for jobs as manager, director or head of the department  in the clinical area of pelvic floor practices.
                                •    You will be able to use invasive pelvic floor rehab devices.
                                •    Your name will be listed on IIPRE’S Global website as pelvic floor rehab specialist.
                                •    You will get global recognition on IIPRE website, if you opt for franchise.
                                •    You will be prequalified for clinical instructor program.
                                •    You will be prequalified for FEP Franchise expansion program.
                                •    You will be able to submit your researches and case-studies to IIPRE and will get unique exposure through IIPRE.


                                  DOCTOR’S TRAINING : INVASIVE SPECIALIST

                                    For Doctors only who are passionate about pelvic floor conservative management
                                    Who can apply ?
                                    -    Gynaecologists
                                    -    Urogynaecologists
                                    -    Urologists
                                    -    Neurologists
                                    -    Paediatricians
                                    -    Neuro-paediatricians
                                    -    Oncologists
                                    -    Sexologists
                                    -    Psychiatrists
                                    -    Diabetologists
                                    -    Proctologists
                                    -    Colo-rectal surgeons
                                    -    Geriatric speicalists
                                    -    Endocrinologists
                                    -    Please contact for more details.


                                      Male Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist

                                        COMING SOON.

                                          View Tutorial

                                            • Introduction to Pelvic Model
                                            • Basic Anatomy OF Bladder and Urethra Dr. Sunita IIPRE
                                            • Functional anatomy of core and pelvic Bone
                                            • Rectom and Canal
                                            • Uterus and Vagina
                                            • Pelvic Floor Muscles


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