Het's MMT (Manual Muscle Testing)

    Oxford MMT has been used for ages by urologists, gynecologists, urogynecologists and physical therapists. However, it has its own limitations as it can’t be used for hypertonic pelvic floor muscles and scale is vague. Het’s MMT is a unique transvaginal/transrectal manual muscle testing scale which can help doctors to evaluate strength and relaxation component of pelvic floor muscles. It can be used for hypotonus or hypertonus pelvic floor dysfunctions and is also very accurate.

    Specially introduced in the syllabus of “Masters of Physiotherapy” – WOMEN’s HEALTH in Gujarat University.

    Also, published in ICS – International Continence Society, conference held in Melbourne, Australia.

      Het's FMT (Functional Muscle Testing and Training)

        First of it’s kind  innovative and objective methodology to measure the functionality of pelvic floor muscles.

          Het's SERF Assessment

            4D Exclusive Evaluatory Scale to assess strength, endurance, repetitions & fast twitch muscle fiber activity of pelvic floor muscles fibres. Het’s SERF Assessment scale is beyond the boundaries of PERFECT Assessment by Laycock.

              Het's Provider Protection Guidelines

                Because of the extreme sensitivity of the subject related to transvaginal and transrectal skills, Only female physical therapists will be certified for transvaginal/transrectal evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment only for female patients. Only male physcial therapists will be certified for transrectal evaluation,diagnosis and treatment for only male patients. 

                  Het's Ring Clock Assessment

                    Pelvic floor assessment technique for urogenital and anorectal triangle in male & female patients and non-invasive Ring Clock Assessment for pediatric patients. It helps to measure the specific areas of weakness or tightness and thus helps in planning a detailed and individualised assessment.

                      Het's RR (Reflexive Result) Scale

                        The scale to set up ultimate goal for standardised progression applicable to customise the treatment for any type of pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions.

                          Female Sexual Health Dysfunction Rehab Stages

                            Assessment levels for customised sexual health rehab.

                              Het's Female Sexual Function Scale

                                The scale is designed to score (rate) the female sexual health, it covers the questions directly or indirectly related to hypertonus and hypotonus pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions. Also, published in ICS – International Continence Society.

                                  Het's BC Protocol

                                    Unique, revolutionary methodology designed specifically for male pelvic floor rehab.

                                      Het’s Exercise Protocol for pelvic floor Dysfunctions

                                        Well defined exercise protocols including 4 levels of progressive PFM training based on Identification & Facilitation, Movement, Plyometric and Functional Progressions for pelvic floor dysfunctions. Offers a flexibility to align the rehab level with Het’s RR Scale.

                                          Het's Male Sexual Function Scale

                                            The scale is designed to score (rate) the male sexual health.


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