Started by Dr Dhara Shah

Dr Dhara Shah

Constipation is a major health issues. Almost everyone might have suffered from constipation at least once in their life.

According to one study almost 4 million Americans suffer from constipation. The number can be even more.

Constipation means either infrequent or absence of stool passing.

If you are having stool passing less than 3 times a week then it is termed as constipation.

There are many causes of having constipation some of them are:

Less fibrous diet



Sedentary life style

Change of routine or travelling

Change of water

Certain medications

Excessive smoking or alcohol consumption.

And last but not the least, overly tight intimate (pelvic floor) muscles – especially puborectalis muscles.

Proper fibrous diet, good hydration and regular exercises will help to reduce the constipation.

The intimate (pelvic floor) muscles are underrated in case of constipation but many a times it is seen that, even if all the other things are normal still a person suffers from constipation.

Functional constipation means the constipation without any underlying cause.

So this can be due to overly tight or spasmodic intimate (pelvic floor) muscles.

The some of the intimate (pelvic floor – puborectalis ) muscles loop around the rectum.

These muscles need to relax and open the rectum so that the stool can pass through it.

But if the puborectails / intimate (pelvic floor) muscles are overlytight then they will hold the rectum tightly and will not allow the stool to pass.

Proper relaxation of the intimate (pelvic floor - puborectalis) muscles with WOW Group app may help to promote adequate relaxation in some cases of constipation.

The other major health concern is piles.

Piles are the swollen and inflamed veins which are coming out of the rectum.

It is very common in pregnancy, weight lifters, obesity and the people who consumes alcohol, cigarette or oily and spicy food.

Proper food habits, life style modification and proper intimate muscles exercise can help to prevent these conditions.

Use of potty stool while using western style toilet helps in cases of constipation and piles.

The stool will help to keep the keen above the hip level, this is an ideal position for passing stool.