Female Non Invasive Pelvic Floor Rehab Practitioner (Online Course)

    Level 1 –

    7 days online Female Non Invasive Pelvic Floor Rehab Practitioner webinar, 2 and half hr every day, which will cover all the theoretical aspects, intellectual properties, pelvic floor innovations, scales, protocols, and other details related to pelvic floor rehab and also it is a prerequisite for level 2.

    (Open for male and female)

    Short-Summary of Contents


    • Anatomy & Physiology of Pelvic Organs
    • Anatomy, Physiology & Functions of Different Layers of Pelvic Floor Muscles, diaphragm, pelvic floor, TA. Multifidus interaction & relation.
    • Types & Causes of different Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions (UI, POP, FI, Constipation, CPP, IC, Endometriosis, IBS, Vulvodynia, Urinary retention, Hemorrhoids, vaginal laxity, etc.)
    • Tools and techniques for assessment of different pelvic floor dysfunctions (Observation, palpation, examination, Scales, Objective testing of hypotonus and hyertonus pfm, perineometer, emg, pad test etc...)
    • Evidence based management of different pelvic floor dysfunctions (PNF, strengthening of pfm, soft tissue mobilization, trigger point releases, dilators, weights, IFT, US, Cryotherapy, non invasive technologies, etc.)
    • Home exercise plan - bladder-bowel retraining, bladder diary, life style modification, stress management, knack technique, do's and don't's etc.

      Female Invasive Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist (Hands On Course)

        Level 2 – 2 days hands on “Transvaginal Transrectal Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist” workshop.

        (Only for female)

        Short-Summary Of Contents

        Level 2

        • Patient Counseling
        • History Taking
        • Patient Preparation
        • Perineal Observation
        • Perineal Palpation
        • TV/TR Palpation TV/TR PFM Assessment. like Oxford MMT, Lamont Scale, Laycock - PERFECT Assessment, FSFI Scale & their limitations and Het's MMT, Het’s SERF Assessment, Het’s Ring Clock Assessment, Het’s RR Scale, Het’s Female Sexual Function Scale, Het’s Male Sexual Function Scale etc.
        • TV/TR Soft tissue release / Myofascial release • TV/TR Sweet spot release/Trigger point release
        • TV/TR Thelie's technique / Wise-Anderson Techniques
        • Active relaxation of PFM
        • TV/TR Cryotherapy
        • Use of Vaginal Dilators
        • TV/TR PNF for weak muscles
        • TV/TR Clock wise treatment for weak muscles
        • TV/TR Neuro Muscular Reeducation for weak muscles
        • Active-Assisted Activation of PFM using technologies
        • Het's Exercise Protocol for Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions
        • Use of different technologies like EMG, Perineometer, US, IFT, Vaginal weights etc.
        • Different case studies for Hypotonus, Hypertonus Incoordinated, Visceral Dysfunctions etc.
        • Pelvic Floor Rehab & Pregnancy
        • Pelvic Floor Rehab & Back Pain
        • Lots of Hands-On sessions
        • Strategies to enhance your practice

          Male Non Invasive Pelvic Floor Rehab Practitioner (Online Course)

            (5 Days 2and half hr Online Webinar)

            • Functional Anatomy & Physiology of Male Reproductive organ
            • Functional Anatomy of Male Pelvic Floor Muscles, Penile Erection, Role of Pelvic floor muscles like Ischeocavernosus and Bulbocavernosus
            • Biomechanics of Penile Erection etc
            • Pathophysiology of Male Sexual Dysfunctions - Erectile dysfunction, classification of ED, Premature Ejaculation..
            • Pathophysiology of different types of prostate dysfunctions.
            • Signs and symptoms of prostate Dysfunctions.
            • Common complications of post prostatectomy.
            • Assessment of pelvic floor dysfunctions, modified Oxford Grading, Het’s MMT, Het's SERF assessment and much more. Palpation assessment techniques etc.
            • Rehab Protocols for Male Sexual Dysfunctions. Rehab guidelines for conditions like ED, PME.
            • Het's RR Scale, Resistance training to improve erections.
            • Het's BC ( Bulbocavernosus) Protocol.
            • Revolutionary Technologies like WOW PF 360 for Male Sexual Rehab and much more...
            • Rehab Protocols for pre and post prostatectomy.

              Male Invasive Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist (Hands On Course)

                (1 Day Hands On Workshop) 

                (Only for Male)

                • Patient counselling, history taking, Scales and Form filling, patient preparation.
                • Consent signing, pediatric consent form, professional conducts and ethics.
                • Indications, absolute and relative contraindications.
                • Perineal observation
                • Palpation
                • Transrectal penetration skills
                • TR palpation to check for PFD like modified oxford MMT, PERFECT scale – Laycock Assessment, Het’s MMT, 4D Evaluation by Het’s SERF Assessment.
                • Het Ring clock assessment - TR palpation to measure specific areas of weakness or tightness by using Het’s Ring Clock Assessment.  Assessing superficial and deep ring of pelvic floor muscles.
                • Objective assessment and it’s interpration for hypotonus and hypertonus pelvic floor muscles, EMG, Perineometer,  PAD test, US, Uroflowmetery, Defectogram etc.
                • Pelvic floor Rehab for Different pelvic floor dysfunction Through
                • Evidence based management:
                • Pelvic Floor Rehab for hypotonus dysfunction: use of biofeedback like emg, perineometer. Modalities like IFT, WOW PF 360 for isolated muscle fibre exercise / activation, PNF techniques, Het’s BC Reflex.
                • Pelvic Floor Rehab for hypertonus dysfunction: Technique sweet spot release-wise anderson, paradoxical relaxation, minimal static pressure, Trigger point release, myofascial release, ICT, Thiele technique, strain counterstrain technique, positional release technique. Etc. Use of WOW PF 360 for pelvic floor muscle relaxation, etc.
                • Individualised Home Ex plan
                • Pelvic Floor Rehab in low back pain & Much More.

                  Obstetric Health Rehab Specialist (Hands On Course)

                    (2 Days Hands-On Workshop)

                    • Functional anatomy of pregnancy and childbirth
                    • Physical changes-symptoms
                    • Postural changes, correction, exercises
                    • Pyschological changes and impact
                    • Exercises-goal, expectations, benefits
                    • Screening prenatal clients
                    • Prenatal physiotherapy
                    • Exercise prescription, modifications
                    • Yoga, pilates, aerobics, resistance exercises during pregnancy
                    • Pelvic floor muscle training Relaxation strategies
                    • Labor/childbirth philosophy Movements/ positions in Labor
                    • Pain relief in Labor
                    • Normal vs C section healing
                    • Post natal physiotherapy
                    • Postpartum rehab,
                    • Pelvic floor muscle fitness
                    • Lactation support
                    • Postural back pain/Low back pain/Pelvic girdle pain
                    • Symphysis pubis dysfunction
                    • Restless leg syndrome
                    • Breastfeeding challenges
                    • Engorgement
                    • Mastitis
                    • Diastatsis Recti
                    • Much more

                      Female Sex Health Rehab Practitioner (Online Course)

                        (7 Days 2 hrs Online Course)

                        • Functional Anatomy of Female External Genitals - Vulva, Vagina, Labia Majora, Labia Minora etc.
                        • Functional Anatomy of Female Erogenous structure - clitoris, G-spot etc.
                        • Functional Anatomy of Pelvic Floor Muscles related to Sexual Dysfunctions.
                        • Understanding of Normal Female Sexual Response.
                        • Classification of Female Sexual Dysfunctions (HSDD, Vaginismus, Dyspareunia, orgasmic dysfunction)
                        • Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunctions (Social, Psycological, Physical, Hormonal, PFD etc.)
                        • Female Sexuality and different dimensions like:

                        *Sexuality during pregnancy

                        *Postnatal sexuality

                        *Sexuality in menopausal age,

                        *Sexuality in oncological conditions - breast cancer, gynecological cancer etc.)

                        • Assessment (Subjective, Objective) & Rehab of Female Sexual Dysfunctions like:-

                        *Sexual Desire Disorder- (Hypoactive sexual desire disorder, sexual aversion disorder)

                        *Sexual Arousal Disorder

                        *Sexual Pain Disorder (Gential Pain, Vaginismus, Dyspareunia)

                        *Orgasmic Disorder

                        *Persistent Gential Arosual Disorder.

                        • Management - Pelvic Floor Rehab, in assessment and treatment of female sexual dysfunctions.
                        • Introduction to Erectile Dysfunctions, Premature Ejacualtion, Male Sexual Dysfunction and it's effect on female sexual wellbeing.

                          Fertility - Reproductive Rehab Practitioner (Online Course)

                            (7 Days Online webinar 2 hrs)


                            • Menstrual cycle ( Anatomy and physiology of menstrual organs)
                            • Menstrual irregularities, dysfunctions and causes of them, how will it affect your plan of care.
                            • Causes-Pathology Assessment Management PCOS/PCOD, Endometriosis.Uterine Fibroids, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Pelvic Adhesions, Menstrual Cramp. Menstrual Irregularity Etc.
                            • How to maintain Menstrual health and hygiene and why it is important? Methods and beyond. Practitioner's Role
                            • Rehabilitative Management of different dysfunctions happening due to menstrual irregularities including different modalities.
                            • Menstruation, Pelvic Floor & Rehab of related Dysfunctions.
                            • Exploration scope of menstruation, health, hygiene & rehab practice.

                              Fertility - Reproductive Rehab Specialist (Hands On Course)

                                1 Day Hands On Course

                                • Infertility & PFM Evaluation of Infertility
                                • Different Techniques Manual Therapy
                                • Hands-On Abdominal Skills Adhesion-Scar Tissue Mobilization, Soft-Tissue Mobilization
                                • Techniques/ Modalities to Improve Reproductive Nourishment
                                • Fertility & Role Of Essential Oils Fertility Exercise & Yoga
                                • Diet & Fertility
                                • Stress Management Techniques
                                • Palpation & Mobilisation Skills-Techniques-Tests Technologies & Implementation
                                • PFM Tranquillity - Coordination Technique Understanding on Hormonal Health & Upliftment
                                • Loaded Periods & Conception
                                • Intimate Positions & School of Thoughts
                                • Intro to Visceral Mobilization: - Mercier, Wurn, Barrall,Arvigo- Mayan Etc.
                                • V Spa
                                • Preconception Training
                                • Structured Protocol & Fertility
                                • Reflexology.
                                • Womb Healing & Much More.                                                                                                                             

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