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Millions of people, all over the world silently suffer from Intimate Health Issue. It is a cultural taboo even to talk about it.

“Our Vision is to courageously break the cultural taboo & to make BEST INTIMATE HEALTH (pelvic floor health) accessible to every single woman and every single man on the globe through innovative technologies and services.”

Its extremely fulfilling to devote myself to a vision that is much larger than just me, my life and my time on this earth. The book written for Doctors, innovations, services, technologies, and initiation of movement will continue to serve humanity even after my life. This is a revolutionary war against “Silent Sufferings”. I want to invite all of you to join hands to take a solid stand against silent sufferings & help to make a positive impact on millions of lives.                                            Mission: To Step outside the box to improve lives.

Dr. Het Desai -WOW Team




WOW Group is successfully winning the war against “Silent Suffering” Intimate Health is not only a noble cause, but also a global cause. If you want to end silent suffering or you want to take your intimate health to the highest level. This mobile app can do the MAGIC provided you commit with discipline and focus. Before you start using the “FREE intimate (pelvic) muscles exercises”, please read this carefully.

Following instructions, especially your





On wow group mobile app go to “Check your intimate health”

- For general intimate health: answer 6 questions intimate health.

- For specific sexual health : download the blue colour form “Female or Male Sex health scale” Measure your score - out of 50.

- Decide goal statement for your intimate health. (Find below- sample goal statements for women and men.)


Sample Goals for intimate health (for Women):

1. I will prepare my intimate muscles for better pregnancy and child birth in 8 weeks.

2. I will have faster intimate muscles recovery after childbirth within 4 weeks.

3. I will not have any urine leakage after 4 weeks.

4. I will be able to hold urine for at least 2 hours after 4 weeks.

5. I will re-tighten vagina in 8 weeks.

6. During intercourse, my partner will notice increased grip of intimate (-vagina) muscles over the penis after 4 weeks.

7. I will have 50 % more intense orgasms in 8 weeks.

8. Me and my partner will experience three times more sexual pleasure in 12 weeks.

9. I will have relief from constipation in 8 weeks.

10. I will be able to score more than 45/50 in women’s sex health assessment form.

11. I will be able to score 3/3 and -3/-3 on trans-vaginal self test (on Het’s MMT)

12. I will be able to have most enjoyable, pain free intercourse in 4 weeks (please note, if you are constipated or if you have pain or discomfort during sex, please don’t use program from this app. Schedule on-call consultation with our pelvic health specialist for more personalised care.)

Sample Goals for intimate health (For Men):
1. I will have 2 times harder erections after 8 weeks.

2. I will be able to last long enough in bed to satisfy my partner in 4 weeks.

3. Me and my partner will experience three times more sexual pleasure after 12 weeks.

4. I will have 50 % more powerful ejaculations / orgasms after 8 weeks.

5. I will train my intimate muscles to have faster recovery from prostate surgery in 4 weeks

6. I will recover from prostate surgery and will not have urine leakage after 4 weeks.

7. I will have relief from constipation in 4 weeks.

8. I will be able to score more than 45/50 in men’s sex health assessment form.

9. I will be not have any pelvic pain after 4 weeks (please note, if you are constipated or if you have pain or discomfort during sex, please don’t use the program from this app. Schedule on-call consultation with our male pelvic health specialist for more personalised care.)




- On wow group mobile app, go to “FREE Intimate Muscles Exercise”

- Tutorial section will help you learn about which muscles to squeeze and sample training program.

- Start doing intimate muscles exercises for 3 days as per instructions in tutorials.

DAY- 5:


After 3 days of practicing intimate muscles exercises as per tutorial, ask yourself “Am I 100% confident that my body is activating right muscles ?


- If answer is “Definite YES” : Congratulations. Well begun is half done. Please continue training, you are very likely to get your intimate goal accomplished.

- If answer is “No or Not sure” : If you are not 100 % confident, its likely that your body might be using the wrong muscles. You may not get desired results. Please
discontinue and schedule on- call consultation with pelvic health specialist for precise guidance.


Benefits of "On-Call Consultation":
1. Private and confidential

2. Same Gender specialists : On call consultations – Only from, female pelvic health specialists to females and Only male pelvic health specialist to males.

3. Extremely Convenient: you don’t have to travel anywhere.

4. Comfortable: You don’t have to face anyone with the sensitive issues. So you won’t have to feel embarrassed or shy about your intimate health concerns

5. Customised : Intimate health concerns can be different for different people. Our pelvic health specialists will customize the care as per your needs, concerns and

6. Scientific: Our intimate health specialists are specially trained from IIPRE – International institute of pelvic floor research, rehab and education.

7. Authentic : IIPRE has received certificate of recognition from central govt of India under the guidance of chairman Dr. Het Desai.(MPT-USA)

8. Extremely Affordable : For India and other countries.

9. For, Amercia : Cost is just USD- $ 10.00 which is even less than a co-pay for most health insurances in USA.

10. Europe – UK : For countries alike – Nationalised health care, No More waiting list on-call-consultation in less than 24 hours.


When should you schedule your "On-Call Consultation"?

1. If you are not 100% confident if your body is activating right muscles.

2. For any questions or concerns about your intimate health.

3. If you need help to accurately check current status of your intimate health.

4. If you don’t know how to do trans-vaginal self-test with your finger. (Het’s MMT)

5. If you need assistance to set up your intimate health goals.

6. If you need more personalised care customised only for you.

7. If you don’t see any change after 4 weeks of self training.

8. If you are not completely satisfied or happy with results.

9. If you stop progressing or start regressing.

10. If you need step by step guidance for better sex health (from same gender intimate health specialist.)

11. If you feel any pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.

12. If you are chronically constipated.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR DOCTORS: Schedule on-call consultation, for physical therapists, pelvic floor rehab practitioners, gynaecologists, urogynecologists, sexologists or any other doctor who wants to brain-storm for best results for your patients.






  • WOW IIPRE (International Institute of Pelvic Floor Research, Rehab and Education)—Recognized by Central Government of India which provides exclusive training to medical and paramedical professionals for pelvic floor rehabilitation. (With pot. of 100 crore Indian Rupees/year).
  • WOW Experience Research and Development—Received the Certificate of Recognition by Central Government of India for developing (under patent)— innovative technologies.
  •  WOW Group of Businesses.
  •  WPO—World Pelvic-Floor Organisation



Years of experience as an entrepreneur and devoted professional for Pelvic Floor Rehab. Worked in different private settings in America.


  •  “WOW PF 360” pelvic floor muscles exerciser/rehab technologies for doctors, urogynec surgeons, other medical practitioners, therapists and pelvic rehab specialists.
  • “WOW Woman” 3 minutes pelvic floor muscles exerciser for toning and tightening of pelvic floor (vaginal) muscles in women.
  • “WOW Man” pelvic floor muscles exerciser for men to help with ED, PME, urinary incontinence, etc.
  • Above mentioned are the revolutionary, noninvasive and under patent pelvic floor rehab technologies which are recognized by the “Department of promotion of industry and internal trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government of India”.
  • WOW Vagina-Fit (PFME)—a unique transvaginal objective testing and training (proprioceptive and resistive) gadget for female patients (for Vaginal laxity).
  • WOW Vagina-Dilate (PFMRE)—all in one dilator which can be used for objective testing and training in beginner, intermediate and advanced cases of hypertonus pelvic floor muscles in conditions like endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, vaginismus, dyspareunia, chronic pelvic pain, etc.
  • WOW Group App—a mobile application for pelvic floor muscle exercises with visual & auditory cues which can also provide a progress report to customize efficient home exercise programs for patients.



  •  Het’s MMT (Manual Muscle Testing Scale): Het’s MMT is a unique transvaginal/ transrectal manual muscle testing scale which can help doctors to evaluate strength and relaxation component of pelvic floor muscles, it can be used for hypotonus or hypertonus pelvic floor dysfunctions.
  •  Het’s FMT (Functional Muscle Testing and Training): An innovative and objective way to measure the functionality of pelvic floor muscles by using WOW Vagina-Fit for hypotonus conditions and WOW Vagina-Dilate for hypertonus conditions.
  • Het’s SERF assessment scale: Scale to evaluate strength, endurance, repetitions and fast-twitch muscle fiber activity of pelvic floor muscles.
  • HPPG: Het’s Providers Protection Guidelines.
  • Het’s Ring clock assessment: Pelvic floor assessment technique for the urogenital and anorectal triangle in male and female patients and non- invasive ring clock assessment for pediatric patients.
  • Het’s RR (Reflexive Results) scale: The scale to set up the ultimate goal for progression in the treatment of pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions.
  • Het’s FSF (Female Sexual Function) scale: The scale is designed to score (rate) the female sexual health, it covers the questions directly or indirectly related to hypertonus and hypotonus pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions.
  • Het’s MSF (Male Sexual Function) scale: The scale is designed to score (rate) the male sexual health.



Dr. Het Desai has also written a book "HET’s Manual of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation." exclusively for Physcial therapists, Pelvic Floor Rehab Speciaists, Gynecologists, Urogynecologists, Urologists, Gastroentrologists, Sexologists, Psychiatrists, Colo-rectal surgeons, Oncologists, Onco-surgeons, Diabetologists, any other medical & paramedical professional who wants to serve humanity by providing pelvic floor rehab to their patients.