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                                                Welcome to WOW WOMEN FITNESS CENTRE where you are the priority.

    Fitness and loving yourself is the most significant commitment you are making to improve the quality of your life. Now it is the time to live a happy, healthy and efficient life so you can give your best to yourself and your loved ones. We should workout it is important. But! where and with whom it gives the best result and satisfaction is more important. Getting into shape is not difficult if you start it in the right way.

    Who we are?

    We are a team of physiotherapists and WOW certified trainers who are continuously working to provide you the best customized and scientific fitness plans for a healthy living. Visit the WOW Women Fitness Centre to begin a journey towards loving yourself and for the best lifestyle. Our dietician and personal trainers will always guide and motivate you for better results.

    Initially, you might feel hard to believe but after you join the WOW Women Fitness Centre and follow our exercise Programme even for a month, you will find weight loss, inch loss, positivity and a "NEW YOU". You will get more socialization with fitness freak friends, eventually, you will feel that you have completely adjusted to a better way of living.



      30 Minutes Express Workout


        Our exercise programs are more scientifically designed for females only. We work to improve their overall fitness which means their "Cardio-Vascular Fitness",  Strength, Capacity, etc. We have different workout sessions that change continuously every two months with updated exercises. Workouts at WOW Women Fitness Centre is not monotonous as,

         30 min A DAY ONLY Express workout at wow women fitness centre. Spending hours is not necessary when only 30 Minute Express Workouts can give you the best result. The 30-minute express workout is a revolutionary concept aimed at the sole purpose of making members burn more calories in their Target Heart Rate Zone. Express workout concept works on a workout program in which all the major muscle groups would be worked on along with training of the body's endurance and coordination skills also.

        The member starts with exercise and fitness training in the circuit program. This will automatically raise the Heart Rate and would facilitate members getting into their target heart rate zone. At this time, a transition to cardio would lead to more calories burn than the conventional system.  If done in the proper way, 30 Minute Express Workout can yield 500 calories in 30 minutes. This 30 min express workout at WOW Women Fitness will give you a great result in the form of weight loss and improving body functioning.

          Everyday different workout format

            Every day a different workout format:

            • Yoga
            • Cardio
            • Zumba                                                                                  
            • Bollywood dance workout
            • Abs workout
            • Hips and thigh workout
            • Body shaping fitness
            • Partner workout
            • Stepper workout

                                                                                                         This Month's workout



                                                                JOIN US FOR A BETTER YOU.

              Workout Timings

                Every day is a new workout. You can join us for any batch and anytime for the workout according to your convenience, as WOW Women Fitness Centre respect your busy schedule.

                Check out our timings and plan your sessions now by calling 8141652011.


                  Services we Offer

                    WOW Women Fitness Centre believes in delivering the best experience for their client for which we are offering the following services.

                    • Medical Fitness Gym
                    • Fat Mobilization Therapy
                    • Diet counseling
                    • Personal Training
                    • Personal counseling
                    • Pelvic Floor Rehab Consultation
                    • Physiotherapy counseling
                    • Woman Health Counseling
                    • Vaginal Health Counseling
                    • Adolescence Counseling
                    • Teen and Puberty Counseling
                    • Premarital Counseling
                    • Preconceptional Counseling
                    • Antenatal Counseling
                    • Postnatal Counseling
                    • Menopausal Counseling

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