V- FIT  helps to test and improve the strength of intimate muscles. 

    It also helps to improve intimate relations and much more.


        Intimate muscles are pelvic floor muscles (more specifically pubococcygeus muscles). Intimate muscles surround vaginal opening and they are trainable. Strong contraction of intimate muscles can help to provide stronger grip and more pleasurable sensations, intensified orgasms and more satisfying experience for the couple.

        Tighter contraction of love muscles can help to draw your partner up and in the direction towards your G-spot, which ultimately helps to enhance pleasurable sensation and intimate experience. strong intimate muscles can also enhance sensation for the male partner by making the vagina functionally tighter during intimate moments. Stronger or tighter intimate muscles can uplift intimate health for both partners.


            • Convenient 
            • Comfortable
            • Safe to use
            • Easy to use
            • Extremely efficient 
            • Affordable


                Nine months of weight bearing can stretch love muscles and make the vagina loose. Moreover, wear and tear during labor can cause severe weakness to your love muscles (pelvic floor/-vagina muscles). Healing after childbirth can happen by mother nature. However, intimate muscles don’t get stronger on its own. According to statistics, approx 50% of the strength of intimate muscles is lost immediately after childbirth. 9 out of 10 mothers are likely to have vaginal laxity. Looser vagina or weaker intimate muscles can lead to loose grip, reduced intimate sensation, and difficulty with orgasms. Weaker pelvic floor muscles can negatively affect the couple’s intimate health.

                  HOW TO TEST WITH V FIT (VAGINA FIT)

                    Before starting the test make sure that the device is washed thoroughly with non-perfumed soap and lukewarm water. Make sure that the device is completely hygienic for vaginal penetration. Your hand should also be properly sanitized before using the device transvaginally.

                    Before the test the bladder and the bowel are empty. 

                    The test can be done at any time of the day depending upon your comfort. In your room where your privacy is maintained you need to take out your lowers and slowly try to insert the head portion of the V FIT (VAGINA FIT) device into your vaginal opening, as if you are inserting tampons. If you find too much dryness then you can use mild lubrication gel but make sure that you have not used the excessive gel as it can interrupt with the actual finding.

                    The V FIT (VAGINA FIT) device should be inserted into the vaginal opening in standing position. Once it is inserted try to hold the device by squeezing your intimate (pelvic floor -vagina) muscles, as if you are trying to hold the "pee."

                    If you are able to hold the device inside your vagina then go for three activities like 10 coughs, 10 squats, and 10 jumps. 



                    1. If the device falls out as soon as you insert it into the vagina it shows that your intimate ( pelvic floor -vagina) muscles are extremely weak. 
                    2. If the device does not completely fall out but starts sliding outside the vagina while doing different activities like (10coughs, 10squatts & 10 jumps) it shows that your pelvic floor muscles are weak.
                    3. If the device does not fall even after doing all the activities it shows that your pelvic floor muscles are strong.

                      YOU CAN TRAIN YOUR V-MUSCLES WITH V-FIT (Vagina - Fit)

                        The training protocol will be different for different people but you can use the V FIT (Vagina-Fit) in the following ways:

                        The training protocol can be divided into 3 phases for better results:

                        Phase 1 (Beginner)

                        If you find that the V FIT directly falls out when you test it, it shows that your vaginal muscles are very week and you need to train your vaginal muscles in lying down position first. In lying down position insert the V FIT gently inside your vaginal opening and try to hold the device as you are trying to hold urine, do minimum 30 repetitions a day, first try to hold for few seconds then eventually go for 10 seconds hold.

                        Once you are able to properly hold the V FIT in the supine position then proceed to the next phase.

                        Phase 2 (Intermediate)

                        In this phase insert the V FIT (Vagina Fit) gently inside the vaginal opening in a standing position and then try to do 40 repetitions a day, first with few seconds hold and then later for 10 seconds hold.

                        After you achieve this goal proceed to phase 3.

                        Phase 3 (Advance)

                        Once you are able to hold the device in standing position, do activities like (10 coughs,10 jumps, 10 squats) with the V FIT holding inside your vaginal opening through your vaginal muscles.

                        For better strength of your vaginal muscles, you can insert weights into the V FIT and use it.


                            V FIT (Vagina-Fit) is a pelvic floor muscles exerciser only. It is not a medical device. It should not be used for any illegal purpose, it is not a sex toy. Consult your doctor when needed. Discontinue in case of pain or discomfort. Keep out of the reach of children. Only for single person multiple use. Take proper hygienic precautions. Do not use during pregnancy.


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