About Us


“Unite with strength of different people &  Be world’s best customer-centric group of businesses.” 

Customer –centric = Irresistible focus on the customer – committed to deliver “WOW” Experience
Where customers are always prioritised and treated like a KING. The team and associates are also treated humanly.”

Humanly :  We don’t treat our customers, team or associates like financial numbers. We believe business is nothing but group of humans utilizing their strengths to create a win-win situation for other humans. We are committed to step outside the box to do, build or create something visionary which we could be truly proud off.   Every human-being has different strength, weakness, personality traits, belief systems, emotions, needs, interests, concerns and expectations. We take that into sincere consideration when we deal with our team associates and customers.


“To step outside the box  & improve.” 
 In other words, innovate and simplify to Improve


“ Customers are our “KING”  (99.9%)
Products, Team, and Associates are their proud Servants
Leaders, CEOs and Founders are the proud supreme-servant.”
-    Het Desai


1. 99.9% CUSTOMERS

  • Customers centric means the customers are number one priority. 
  • We all are committed to treat our customers like “King”.
  • We think outside the box to improve customer experience.
  • Our premium products and services are delivered at best possible non-premium prices.
  • We believe customers are not just numbers; they are humans with emotions, needs, interests, concerns and expectations. 
  • 99.9% rule helps us to understand we can NEVER  please everyone. Some people are problems themselves. No matter what you do they will never be happy. However, we will be committed to provide best experience to 99.9% of customers.



  • Our team, associates and products are proud servant of our customers.
  • They are responsible to think outside the box to provide wow experiences for the customers.
  • PROUD – Servants meaning they should be proud of their work, efforts and services. Their focus is on doing, building or creating something visionary that they could be truly proud off.
  • Of course, customers are our number one priority. However, our team and associates are also humans and should be treated humanly with respect and dignity. 
  • They should be given freedom and tools to take best care of the customers.
  • All products are innovatively designed to bring best experience for our customers.
  • They should be hired carefully, associated fairly and trained thoroughly. 



  • If team and associates is proud servant; Leaders are proud supreme servants. They should not feel or act like a boss.
  • They areproud super servant with more power and responsibilities.
  • PROUD – Super servants meaning they should be proud of their work, efforts and services. Their focus is on doing, building or creating something visionary that they could be truly proud off while taking careof  best interest of their customers and team.
  • They are responsible to think outside the box; not only to provide wow experience to customers but also to T&A.
  • Higher leadership positions mean more responsibility as a servant.
  • They are responsible to setright example for their followers.
  • They are responsible to makeright choices and execute the decision for long term success of the businesses.
  • They set an example. They praise, inspire and provide benefits to CTA (customers, team and associates).
  • They are strongly committed tounite with strength of different people and businesses. 
  • They are also responsible to carefully manage any threat to the business and take decisionsin  long term best interst of the businesses.
  • They innovatively unite withstrength of different people and businesses to create win-win situation and wow – experiences for everyone.

1. Customer is the king and we are servant.

2. Be visionary, passionate and crazy 

  • plan at least in decades
  • Stay committed to do or create something that you can be truly proud of.


3. Step outside the box – innovate to improve and simplify 

4. Execute wow experience – “Thera- i - bend”

5. Boxer’s attitude – you don’t lose when you fall down. You lose when you refuse to get back up

WOW-Experience could be generated by focusing our energy on 

  • Technical experience about specific industry of business
  • Human experience by sharing positive and passionate energy
  • Environmental experience by aesthetics, appearance, cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Result based experience – Exceeding expectations with respect to time sensitivity
  • Affordable cost for great products and services – premium products and services at not premium price.
  • Innovation -  constant changes to improve
  • BEND – Be flexible with your strategies – but be stubborn with your vision and mission.