The Pelvic Floor Muscles are located surrounding the vagina in female. They are the group of muscles divided into 3 layers, superficial layer, middle layer and deep layer and together they help with:                                  

    • Urine Control
    • Organ Support              
    • Sexual Activity
    • Back Support
    • Control of Defecation

    And in male they are the muscles which helps for:

    • Stronger and Harder Erections
    • Powerful Ejeculations
    • Urine Control
    • Prostate Support
    • Back Support
    • Control of Defecation


        Pelvic Floor Muscles relaxation / opening ability is very important for satisfactory sexual penetration.
        If the pelvic floor muscles cannot relax properly or are too tightly closed it will lead to no penetration or painful vaginal penetration. Means the penis cannot penetrate inside the vaginal opening.

        There are many females who are suffering from pelvic floor muscles spasm or tightness which results in to sexual dysfunctions.

        Other than penetration dysfunction too tight pelvic floor muscles can also result in conditions like bladder dysfunctions, chronic pelvic pain, constipations etc.


            Males who suffer from conditions like chronic pelvic pain or pelvic floor muscles spasm, they also can face a problem with erection. The tight or spasmodic muscles will give excessive pain during the phase of erection or ejaculation thus limiting the sexual life of a couple.  Other than erection and ejaculation dysfunction too tight pelvic floor muscles can also result in conditions like constipations, bladder dysfunctions etc.


                During pregnancy, there is obvious weight gain. Moreover, the weight gain is more in the abdominal area as the fetus grows in the uterus this increases pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.

                During pregnancy hormone called relaxin is secreted in the body which causes increased mobility of the joints and relaxes the muscles, this mechanism occurs in order to prepare the body for labor and childbirth.

                But this also causes muscle laxity even in pelvic floor muscles. Moreover, as the foetus grows during pregnancy, the uterus puts pressure on the urinary bladder, weakness of pelvic floor muscles along with increased pressure over urinary bladder can lead to urine leakage during pregnancy.

                The strain of 9 months of weight-bearing during pregnancy along with the effect of the relaxin hormone weakens the pelvic floor muscles.

                During childbirth through “Normal” delivery, the pelvic floor muscles go under maximum wear, tear and even separation (it is said that almost 250% stretching of the pfm happens during normal delivery) which can result in perineal tear or episiotomy.

                Even if a woman goes for  C-Section,  9 months of weight-bearing on pelvic floor muscles make them loose over the period of time. The perineal area can heal with mother nature. But it doesn’t get it stronger.This causes weakness or looseness of pelvic floor muscles, which gets worse with age.


                    If the pelvic floor muscles become loose due to pregnancy or childbirth it can lead to:

                    -         Vaginal looseness:

                    -         Urine Incontinence

                    • Overactive bladder
                    • Stress Urinary Incontinence.
                    • Mixed Incontinence
                    • Bowel urgency and incontinence

                    -         Back pain

                    -         Compromised intimate health

                    -         Sexual dysfunctions


                        When the Intimate Muscles become loose / weak they affect the sexual performance in following ways:

                        • The vaginal grip over penis is weakened.
                        • Decreased sexual sensations for  both the partners.
                        • Decreased intensity of female orgasm.
                        • Reduced the libido, arousal and orgasms.
                        • Overall regressed sex life.

                          LET'S HAVE A LOOK AT STATISTICS


                            • 9/10 mothers suffer from vaginal laxity.
                            • 50 % loss of strength of vaginal –muscle is likely to happen after delivery.
                            • More than 55 % of women are likely to suffer from female sexual dysfunctions.
                            • Orgasm difficulties affect 24% of women.
                            • 48% of women have decreased sexual sensations.
                            • More than 34 million women suffer from urine leakage.
                            • 21% female suffers from coital pain (pain while sexual intercourse)
                            • 57% female may have tightness of intimate muscles.
                            • 41% female can have discomforting sexual intercourse.


                                • In males,  urinary incontinence is a very common issue post prostate surgeries.
                                • Stress Urinary Incontinence.
                                • Overactive bladder
                                • Erectile dysfunctions
                                • Diminished Ejaculations / Orgasm intensity
                                • Premature ejaculations,
                                • Bowel urgency and incontinence
                                • Sexual Dysfunction like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation is also very common in males above the age of 40 years.
                                • According to statistics in almost 50% men above 40 years are likely to silently suffer from ED or PME.
                                • Approx 85 million Indian and 50 million American men suffer from ED/PME.
                                • Other issues like poor prostate support, post voidal dribbling,


                                    • Paediatric population can have complains of bed wetting, bed soiling, soiling of clothes.
                                    • Enuresis means urine leakage in children beyond a certain age.
                                    • Encopresis means stool leakage in children beyond a certain age.
                                    • Pelvic pain

                                      WHAT IS WOW PF 360?

                                        • WOW Pelvic floor muscle exerciser 360 (PF360) is unique PFM exerciser especially designed to provide pelvic floor rehabilitation by medical and paramedical professionals.
                                        • WOW PF 360 has two parts
                                        1. Brain (Intellectual part – offers user friendly inbuilt programs through mobile application which can be connected to patients mobile)
                                        2. Body( the target activator to localised target area for rehab)
                                        • Its revolutionary technology, pelvic floor activator, and biofeedback device designed scientifically to be used in medical, paramedical or rehabilitation set up to help PFM rehabilitation.
                                        • The simplicity and efficiency of Pelvic floor muscle exerciser can greatly help healthcare providers to take care of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction in male, female, and children.
                                        • Its one of its own kind combo unit designed to provide PFM training and neuromuscular re-education through visual guidance, auditory signals, and tactile biofeedback for PFMs.
                                        • It empowers the healthcare providers to improve pelvic floor health (strength, endurance, hypertrophy,  control, and flexibility).
                                        • Healthcare providers can choose either inbuilt programs or customized programs depending on the clinical needs.

                                          INDICATIONS OF WOW PF 360

                                            Indication- In Female Patient

                                            • Vaginal recovery after childbirth.
                                            • Postnatal, post C-section, pre- and postsurgical and postmenopausal patients.
                                            • Hypotonus conditions like vaginal looseness, female sexual dysfunctions, stress incontinence, overactive bladder, mixed incontinence, hypermobile urethra, any pelvic organ prolapse upto grade 2 like cystocele, rectocele, enterocele, etc.
                                            • Hypertonus conditions like PFM spasms, vaginismus, dyspareunia, pseudo UTIs, pelvic pain interstitial cystitis, chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, “orgasmic difficulties and other intimate health issues etc.”
                                            • In coordination type of pelvic floor dysfunctions.

                                            Indication- In Male Patient

                                            • Hypotonus conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculations, postvoidal dribbling, urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence, etc.
                                            • Hypertonus conditions like pelvic trauma, pelvic pain, muscle spasm, levator ani syndrome, prostatitis, etc.
                                            • Pre- and post-prostatectomy.

                                            Indication- In Pediatric Patient

                                            • Early bladder and bowel control; faster and sooner potty-training.
                                            • Conditions like enuresis, nocturnal enuresis, encopresis, urinary urgency and retention, urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence and constipation.

                                              CONTRAINDICATION OF WOW PF 360

                                                • Menstruation
                                                • Postpartum period
                                                • Sexually transmitted infection
                                                • Intrauterine device
                                                • Bacterial and viral infections and acute inflammation
                                                • Tuberculosis
                                                • Scleroderma
                                                • Burns
                                                • Eczema
                                                • Poor healing in the treatment area
                                                • Metal implants
                                                • Pacemaker or automatic defibrillator
                                                • Ablative or non-ablative cosmetic intervention
                                                • Cancer
                                                • Active collagen diseases
                                                • Local skin disease.
                                                • Cardiovascular diseases like vascular disease, peripheral arterial diseases, and thrombophlebitis
                                                • Thrombosis
                                                • Febrile condition
                                                • Kidney or liver failure
                                                • Pregnancy
                                                • Children of any age without treating doctor’s consent, etc.

                                                  WOW PF 360

                                                      BASIC MODE OF APPLICATION IN FEMALE

                                                        • WOW PF360 can be applied at 5 different areas in female.

                                                        1) Surrounding the clitoris to activate BC & IC muscles in cases of Female Sexual Dysfunction.

                                                        2) Surrounding the Urethra to activate the paraurethral muscles and urethral sphincters in cases of urinary incontinence.

                                                        3) Surrounding the vaginal opening to activate the vaginal sphincters in cases of prolapse.

                                                        4) At the perineal body for the complete activation of the pelvic floor muscles.

                                                        5) Surrounding the anal opening to activate the external anal sphincter in cases of faecal incontinence.

                                                          BASIC MODE OF APPLICATION IN MALE

                                                            • WOW PF360 can be applied in 3 different ways in male.
                                                            1. Over to side of Penis or retracting the scrotum to activate BC & IC muscles in cases of Male Sexual Dysfunction and urine leakage.
                                                            2. Over at the perineal body for the complete activation of the pelvic floor muscles.
                                                            3. Surrounding the anal opening to activate the external anal sphincter in cases of faecal incontinence.

                                                              MEDICAL MECHANISM OF WOW PF 360

                                                                Increased O2 consumption:

                                                                • The WOW PF 360 causes capillary dilation which leads to increase in localized blood flow. As a result it increased O2 consumption and absorption of nutrients.
                                                                • Ultimately, it helps pelvic muscle regeneration. It improves muscle tone, elasticity, and contractile capacity.
                                                                • So, pelvic floor muscle function becomes more efficient.

                                                                Improves muscle memory:

                                                                • WOW PF 360 is designed to work through proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). It provides tactile biofeedback along with visual guidance and auditory training system improves muscle memory.

                                                                Tonic vibration reflex (TVR):

                                                                • WOW PF 360 provides stretch stimulus to muscle spindle, which communicates to spinal cord through nerves and generates pelvic muscle activation. It can generate better muscle contraction through TVR. Active efforts from patients to squeeze pelvic floor muscles along with tactile feedback increase more muscle fibers recruitment

                                                                PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE TRAINING SYSTEM

                                                                • WOW PF 360 is completely non invasive device. However, it could be used to activate targeted weak area of pelvic floor muscles. The practitioner can perform transvaginal or transrectal manual resistance training immediately followed by activation through WOW PF 360. Rehab practitioners can insert the finger inside vagina/rectum while suggesting patient to hold. They can provide few seconds of resistance by pulling the finger out while patient is trying to hold it in.
                                                                • Patient can be trained with combination of mechanical and manual resistance to pelvic floor muscles (provider pulls the finger out while the patient is using pelvic floor muscles to hold it in).
                                                                • It is designed around key principle of exercise science to develop muscle strength through muscle facilitation and progressive resistance exercises.
                                                                • Progressive resistance training based strengthening of vaginal muscles. Agency of Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) concluded that the uses of resistance devices to exercise pelvic muscles are 87% more effective.
                                                                • However, same study showed that merely squeezing the pelvic muscles without feedback device may not be that much effective.


                                                                  WOW PF 360 DESIGN SPECIFICATION

                                                                    3in 1 combo: One and only PFM device that can work for male, female, and children of any age.

                                                                    Portability: Portability of device will enable you to carry the device to different locations. If you are affiliated to multiple medical groups or hospitals, you do not have to purchase separate devices. You can carry it with you and use it for as many patients as needed.

                                                                    User-friendly for patients: It is extremely efficient but intellectually simplified, user friendly device that any patient can easily use under providers guidance. Few modes of operations can be taught to the patient themselves. Like once you teach the patient to modify intensity, they will be able to do it on their own without your presence.

                                                                    Easy to operate for providers: Even if there are multiple programs and operations, it is scientifically designed to simplify the operations of the technology. It is extremely efficient but very easy to operate which makes it easy to train new doctors, physical therapists, and assistive staff.

                                                                    Voice guided: Inbuilt voice-guided exercise programs to activate sensory system through auditory signals to get best possible motor system.

                                                                    Visual input: Visual input is provided numerically and through dynamic graphics of muscle contraction and relaxation, which will generate more efficient muscle recruitment.

                                                                    Tactile biofeedback: Tactile biofeedback is provided through the activator which helps to activate correct group of PFMs. The intensity of tactile biofeedback is adjustable, where one can adjust the intensity of perceived tactile vibration through controller to customized individual need of your patients.

                                                                    Anatomically designed shape of the activator: The shape of the target activator is designed anatomically, to target specific group of muscle fibers to get the best possible activation of PFMs.

                                                                    Mode of Application:

                                                                    • Non invasive:
                                                                    • The non invasive use of different programs of the device empowers rehabilitation specialists to provide PFMs activation without transvaginal or transrectal mode.
                                                                    • External mode of application could be also used for pediatric, female, or male population. There are many devices designed for transrectal or transvaginal biofeedback. Unfortunately, most patients are not comfortable with invasive mode of application.
                                                                    • Patients are even more uncomfortable, if they have to get transvaginal or transrectal electrical stimulation. As a result, it negatively affects the compliance of the patients. WOW PF 360 is the ultimate solution to the problem.
                                                                    •  As it is completely noninvasive it does not introduce any current into the body. Patients are extremely comfortable with mode of application which positively affects patient compliance.

                                                                    Time Flexible Adjustments:

                                                                    • Time flexible intensity adjustments: Complete flexibility to control intensity of vibrations at any given time of treatment. For example, if you set up a patient on higher intensity at level 4 at patient comfort level, after few minutes of workout, if patient feels too intense and patient wants to turn down the intensity from level 4 to level 3, therapist can do it without stopping the workout.
                                                                    • Time flexible 5 preset workout levels: Preset workout protocols are given to choose from. Depending on your patient’s current level of pelvic floor strength, you may modify or improve level of workout. Also, flexibility to move from one type of program to another type at any given time of the treatments.


                                                                    • Objective progressions system: System that enables patient and provider to measure progress objectively by mastering lower level and moving up to higher level of sustained hold from level 1 to level 5.
                                                                    • Mechanico-manual progressive resistance training (MPRE): The unique shape of activator empowers the user with progressive resistance training system. MPRE is provided through manual resistance given by provider’s finger for 30 seconds and followed by target activator. The manual resistance can be progressively increased as the muscles get stronger. Alternating 30 seconds of WOW PF 360 activation and manual resistance helps to gain most muscle fibers activation.


                                                                    • Inbuilt protocols: Multiple inbuilt workouts, exercise protocols, and rehabilitation programs to improve strength, endurance, hypertrophy and relaxation ability
                                                                    • 1. Strength protocol: Inbuilt program that improves strength—ability to create maximum power of the PFMs
                                                                    • 2. Endurance protocol: Inbuilt program that improves endurance, ability to work for longer duration of time of the PFMs
                                                                    • 3. Hypertrophy protocol: Inbuilt program that improves hypertrophy or size of the PFMs
                                                                    • 4. SH protocol: Inbuilt program that improves strength and hypertrophy of the PFMs
                                                                    • 5. Glazer protocol: Inbuilt program that works as antispasmodic to over tight PFMs through breakdown of chronic tightness through research-based glazer protocol
                                                                    • Manual setting: Manually adjustable settings are designed to empower providers to customize programs as per individual needs of their patients or clients.
                                                                    • Hold time trainer: Special adjustable setting to empower patients to improve slow twitch muscle fibers of pelvic floor muscles
                                                                    • Pulse trainer: Special setting to empower patients to improve fast twitch muscle fibers.

                                                                    Safety Features Design:

                                                                    • Single user: It can be used to treat multiple user by using condom.
                                                                    • Temperature sensor safety: Each activator has temperature sensor which will detect raise in temperature and terminate the circuit whenever temperature rises above limits, which make it much safer to use.
                                                                    • Safety fuse: The technology is not operated by a battery. There is a safety fuse in the device which will provide best safety.
                                                                    • Results driven: The technology is very precise and result driven. It provides all the flexibility and adjustability to customize the rehabilitation need of the individual patient. It offers best possible results in least possible time.

                                                                      WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING WOW PF 360?

                                                                        • Helps to activate and exercise targeted pelvic floor muscles from different angles.
                                                                        • Helps to activate and exercise targeted pelvic floor muscles simultaneously around the clitoris, urethra, perineal body and anus.
                                                                        • Helps to activate and exercise weak muscle fibres of any individual weak muscle to take care of hypotonus pelvic floor muscles.
                                                                        • Helps to relax and release muscle tightness in targeted points of hypertonus muscles .
                                                                        • Helps to use specialized training protocols from options in the WOW Group Mobile App .
                                                                        • Latest technology we are using helps to provide visual cues and auditory biofeedback along with numbers tracking, motivation and feedback system from the WOW Group Mobile App.

                                                                          PROCEDURE TO START WOW PF 360

                                                                            1) How to download and register in the WOW Group mobile app?

                                                                            • First of all download the WOW Group mobile App from play store in android and App Store in IOS

                                                                            • Once downloaded you will have to register yourself into the app, for which the app will ask basic details like:
                                                                            1. Full Name
                                                                            2. Mobile
                                                                            3. Email Address (remember the exact email address as the app will send a confirmation notification to the email you enter), enter a valid email address and you will have to login through this email address when you do it next time.
                                                                            4. Date of birth (optional)
                                                                            5. Password and Confirm Password (don’t forget the password you have entered here as that will be required for logging in)
                                                                            6. Category = Doctor, for PF 360 enter the Doctor portal so that your app screen will show PF360. (Doctors and the patients taking treatment under the doctor will use the Doctor portal only). All the patient who are coming for the treatment will download this app in their phone so that they can connect to PF 360 from their phone so that the clinicians, therapist, care givers will not have to keep their phone engaged throughout the day for the treatment. And thus we can encourage the patient to use the app for home exercise plan also. Only the patient who don’t have mobile can use the doctor’s phone for the treatment.
                                                                            7. Gender = if you will select the category of doctor then you will not have to select the gender.

                                                                            Once you enter all the necessary information, a mail will be sent to you to your registered mail id, to the inbox of your mail I’d and press the confirm button.

                                                                            • Now come back to the app and login with your registered email n Password.
                                                                            • Once this is done you are now having a full access to the app.


                                                                            2) How to start WOWPF 360?

                                                                            • Connect the Hardware of WOW PF 360 to electric power source.
                                                                            • Start the Bluetooth in your phone
                                                                            • Press the button in the WOW Group Mobile App showing PF 360.
                                                                            • The app will then ask to pair with an available Bluetooth device.
                                                                            • Select the Bluetooth name of WOW PF360 (for example: BTI_WOW PF 360)
                                                                            • After connecting the app will ask gender preferences, select Male or female according to your patient.
                                                                            • Once selected your app will open the window of WOW PF360.
                                                                            • On the left side of the Window you will see a red colour button press it, so it becomes green.
                                                                            • Congratulations you have successfully started the WOW PF360

                                                                              BENEFITS TO THE CUSTOMERS

                                                                                1. Unique reputation
                                                                                2. New Referral sources
                                                                                3. Cross references
                                                                                4. More patients
                                                                                5. Great results
                                                                                6. Better word of mouth
                                                                                7. More blessings
                                                                                8. Amazing financial gains


                                                                                WOW Group Association - Global presence

                                                                                  AUTHENTICITY OF WOW PF 360

                                                                                    The Authenticity of WOW Group (Experience Research & Development OPC) / IIPRE:

                                                                                    1) WOW OPC has received: Certificate of Recognition; by Government of India.

                                                                                    2) The Founder and Chairman of WOW Experience Research & Development OPC, Dr. Het Desai Sir is also popularly known as “FATHER OF MODERN PELVIC FLOOR REHABILITATION”

                                                                                    3) WOW Experience, Research & Development helps to provide cost effective treatment of pelvic floor related dysfunctions to medical and para medical professionals like physical therapists, gynaecologists, urogynecologists, urologists, psychiatrists, sexologists etc.

                                                                                    4) The  under patent innovative technologies are explained in depth in the book - through  book written by Dr. Het Desai Sir & ;HET’s Manual of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation; has been endorsed by many national and international dignitaries like:

                                                                                    Founder President of SAFUG South Asian Federation of Gynaecology, Founder member of Gynaecological Endocrine Society of India, Director& Professor & HOD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) IKDRC-ITS - Dr. Vineet Mishra MD (Obstetrician & Gynaecology) 

                                                                                    President Elect, FOGSI-2020 (Federation of Obstetric & Gynaecological Societies of India) - Dr. Alpesh Gandhi MD (Obstetrician & Gynaecology) 

                                                                                    Vice President,  FOGSI- (Federation of Obstetric & Gynaecological Societies of India) Dr. Haresh U Doshi MD (Obstetrician & Gynaecology) 

                                                                                    National President of Indian Medical Association, Woman Doctor’s Wing, Indian Medical Association -Dr. Mona Desai 

                                                                                    Lead Consultant Urogynecologist, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, United Kindom. - Dr. Jagdish Gandhi MD, FRCOG 

                                                                                    Past President: Urological Society of India, Past President: World Endourological Society, Past President: Society of Internationale d’’Urologie, Dr. Mahesh Desai, M.S,F.R.C(Eng.), F.R.C.S. (Edin)F.A.C.S.

                                                                                    Registered Clincial Exercise Physiologist, American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Chad Glover MS RCEP- EIM

                                                                                    5)Dr. Het Desai sir’s intellectual properties also include Het’s MMT, Het’s Ring Clock Assessment, Het’s SERF Scale, Het’s RR Scale , Het’s FSF(Female sexual functioning Scale) Het’s MSF (Male sexual function scale) and many more.

                                                                                    6) Het’s FSF & Het’s MSF Scale can be used to primarily assess both the male and female patients.


                                                                                        WOW PF 360 is not a medical device. it is a unique, noninvasive pelvic floor rehab muscles exerciser. It should not be used transvaginally or transrectally. It should be used only externally to exercise PFM


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